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Lisa Lilly – Shermansdale, PA

“Winning my very first tournament was really cool, my third tournament also ended in a playoff, and when I made the putt to win that, I turned around and the gallery of the fpo women were spelling out my name with their bodies and cheering, that was really funny and awesome!…My very first tournament ended with a playoff , which, if you know me, I…
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Nick Sears – Orangevale, CA

“I run the Disc Golf Show. A buddy and I had a podcast for 5-6 years or so starting back in 2013. I currently still do whatever I can to help promote others via our social media portals (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) and do my best to stay in the loop of disc golf related info…First threw a disc back in 1995 or so, but…
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Chilly Mack – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“I had a 90’ throw in during a sanctioned event. It was for par but that was the best par to date!!! (wind aided), putting on the Cancer Awareness Shootout, playing for everyone suffering with fibromyalgia and Isaacs Syndrome…I was introduced to disc golf in 2015 when a disc golfer asked me to sponsor him. I saw the game, watched the game but never played…
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Angel Alcala Chavez – Arvada Colorado

“I’m a big horror movie guy so some of my favorites are Dawn of the Dead, Friday The 13th Movies, Nightmare on Elm Street, and my all-time favorite Hellraisers…One of the most memorable moments in disc golf would definitely be my very first ace, it was one of the best feelings ever just like when I’m skating and finally land that trick. Aside from that…
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Adam “southpaw” Casel – City, State

“I would have to say my most memorable moment of my disc golf adventures would have to be “the called shot”. It was our first random draw doubles of the year and we were all just bsing about what holes we going to ace, I said hole 5 between the rock and tree straight to the bucket with crystal z buzz and low and behold…
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Anthony Heggie – Jackson, Tennessee

“I got started with Disc Golf in the summer of 2021 during a visit to Illinois. One of my uncles introduced me to the sport and immediately after we were done playing I went and purchased an Innova starter bag and discs that were way too fast for my arm speed!…I am a die hard Vanderbilt Commodore fan (football, baseball, basketball) as well as a…
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Ryan Postell – Alliance, NE

“The most important person in my life would have to be my wife of 28 yrs, followed by my 3 children and 1 grandchild. Still have one child at home that’s a senior in high school…My most memorable moment has to be my 1st MA-3 win at a Trilogy Challenge last year…This year I was able to win 1 of the CTP’s at a B…
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Robert “Big Z” Zavala – Brentwood, Tennessee

“Pre-round I always try to get some putts in, starting close (within 10’) to build some confidence and then back out a few steps at a time to circle’s edge. If there is  a place to go throw a few far or get the arm loose then I will go do that for a few throws…I would love to check out Krokhol. It would be…
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Mark McAlister – Mt. Holly Springs, PA

“After about a week of playing I played my first tournament. Back in the late 90s tournaments ran a lot different then they do now. First round was mixed divisionally, i.e Pro, Am, Woman, and Junior.. I got to play with the Legend Dave Greenwell PDGA# 962, 3x player of the year and Masters World champion. It was a great round seeing what a true…
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Brandon Czuprynski – Poulsbo, WA

“The person that has influenced me the most is my Grandfather (R.I.P.) This man led through his example and has been the foundation of the man I am today. Without his kindness, wisdom, and thoughtful guidance I would not have the blessings of my wife and children who are the most important people in my life. Jenni (wife) for believing in me and my crazy…
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