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A disc golf community and team experience for disc golfers at any skill level

A Disc Golf Team Built on Community

Because a real team experience should be available to anybody who wants to join.

Experience team camaraderie in a family-like atmosphere where all members of Team Running It™ interact and strive to meet common goals and initiatives, such as…

  • Provide a positive and uplifting community atmosphere and team experience for disc golfers at any skill level

  • Support and unite team members with one common goal – to Enjoy Disc Golf

  • Support fellow team members in any way possible as they progress through their own personal disc golf journey

  • Grow the sport of disc golf through team initiatives

The Team Running It™ Experience

A community-driven group of disc golfers striving to support each other and reach common goals.

The Community

Team Running It™ is centered around and focused on community. Team members get instant access to a private community that is pre-loaded with several ‘spaces’ where members can interact on various topics related to disc golf. 

The community is NOT hosted as a Facebook Group or any other free social media platform. It is truly a private space where there are no other distractions. It can be accessed online anytime from a web browser or via Android or iOS apps.

Weekly Virtual League Play

Compete against other Team Running It™ members in a weekly virtual league (or just play for fun). Play your weekly round at your home course, then submit your scores and see how you stack up each week versus other players.

Weekly prizes will be awarded for hot rounds and by random drawing. There is NO weekly cost to join our league… however, it is only open to members of Team Running It™. See more details about our weekly virtual league here.

Monthly Challenges and Giveaways

Within the community, Team Running It™ members enjoy monthly challenges and get the opportunity to win monthly giveaways!

The monthly challenges are designed to help members improve different aspects of their game in a fun way. Current team members are having a lot of fun sharing their monthly challenge experiences and they are also getting a lot of value out of it!

Here is what one member said after completing his monthly challenge recently…

This challenge put things into perspective as I don’t usually put this much into my rounds… I’ll take this focus even more because it was the best mood I’ve come out of a round with being more intentional.

Team Running It™ Gear

Team Running It™ members get exclusive access to team gear, including (but not limited to)…

  • Jerseys
  • T-Shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Hats

New designs and new merch are continuously being added to our Team Gear store.

Pricing for Team Gear is set at the lowest prices we can possibly offer. We are not trying to profit from Team Gear – we just want to make it available for Team Running It™ members for the most reasonable cost.

Matt - Flip City - 2023

Exclusive Discounts & Deals

Team Running It™ members have access to various discounts & deals, including (but not limited to)…

  • PDGA yearly membership (or renewal) discount code
  • Exclusive discount code for ANY Running It™ Disc Golf merchandise

We will continually share any discounts and/or deals that we come across in this “space,” and we encourage team members to share discounts & deals as well for the benefit of the team.

Disc Golf 101

There is a ‘space’ in the Team Running It™ interface that is setup as a sort of ‘course’ – filled with instructional disc golf videos to help you improve your disc golf game!

Full disclaimer: All of the videos in the course are publicly available videos embedded from YouTube. We just hand-picked some of the very best and put them in a nice format for easy consumption.

Transform Your Disc Golf Journey

Don’t be left out. Join the movement. Experience the camaraderie.

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Team Running It™ Membership Plans

Stupidly inexpensive access to a premium community of disc golfers with invaluable insights.

Monthly Subscription

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Yearly Subscription

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*Your credit or debit card purchase renews automatically each month (or year). You can easily cancel your subscription at any time. Get the first month for just $1 (if you choose monthly) and your subscription will automatically renew each month thereafter for only $7.

Choose the pricing plan that’s right for you. Annual (yearly) pricing includes a 32% discount (approximately)—that’s the equivalent of getting about 4 months free!

A Team Running It™ Membership is non-refundable and non-transferable. Likewise, we are unable to pause membership access. Please be sure you’d like to join before you purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions. We have answers.

Is this a sponsorship opportunity?

No. Team Running It™ is not a sponsorship. We understand that some disc golf brands create “teams” in order to market their products. At Running It™ Disc Golf – we don’t care about selling products or growing our brand. We just want to grow Team Running It™ for the benefit of all team members.

Do I need to sign a contract?

No. Team Running It™ is 100% voluntary, and there is no written set of rules that team members must agree to contractually. However, new members do need to check a box to agree to our terms and policies (typical/normal stuff).

Can I have sponsorship deals with other brands or be on other disc golf teams?

Yeah, sure! Within the Team Running It™ community, we encourage members to talk about relationships they have with other disc golf brands.

What is the main benefit of a paid membership for Team Running It™?

The #1 top benefit is access to the community. Inside the Team Running It™ platform, it feels sort of like your favorite social media platform except it’s 100% focused on disc golf without all the distractions and the only other people in the community are other paid members. It truly is an exclusive community experience!

Do you have to pay for team gear?

Yes. Team gear is not free. However, we set pricing for all of the team gear at the lowest possible price point. We are not trying to profit from Team Gear – we just want to provide awesome gear for every member of Team Running It™ and we want team members to be able to represent (if they wish) at the most reasonable prices possible!

Can I cancel my membership or get a refund?

You can easily cancel your membership at any time from your profile page within the community platform. A Team Running It™ Membership is non-refundable and non-transferable. Likewise, we are unable to pause membership access. Please be sure you’d like to join before you purchase.