Anthony Heggie – Jackson, Tennessee

“I got started with Disc Golf in the summer of 2021 during a visit to Illinois. One of my uncles introduced me to the sport and immediately after we were done playing I went and purchased an Innova starter bag and discs that were way too fast for my arm speed!…I am a die hard Vanderbilt Commodore fan (football, baseball, basketball) as well as a die hard Tennessee Titans fan…”

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Meet Anthony Heggie (PDGA #233100)

Tell us about yourself! How old are you? Where do you live? What do you do (work/school/etc.)?

I am 25 years old and currently work for an aluminum brokerage firm. I am originally from Nashville, but made the move to West Tennessee after attending the University of Tennessee at Martin. I enjoy playing Disc Golf any chance I can, especially because the courses in Tennessee can vary so much!

Tell us about the most important people in your life! Who do you live with (family, friends, etc.)?

The most important people in my life would have to be my girlfriend Rachel, my parents, and my siblings. They all put up with my Disc Golf addiction and sometimes help fund it. I am currently trying to get one of my younger brothers in the game, and so far he loves it!

Do you have a nickname or just something else that you go by?

No nicknames unfortunately, maybe in the future.

Disc Golf Journey

How long have you been playing disc golf?

I have been playing disc golf for 2 years, but really taking it serious for a little over a year.

How did you get started with disc golf?

I got started with Disc Golf in the summer of 2021 during a visit to Illinois. One of my uncles introduced me to the sport and immediately after we were done playing I went and purchased an Innova starter bag and discs that were way too fast for my arm speed! 

Share some of your memorable disc golf moments…

Some of my most memorable moments on the disc golf course have been playing with my younger brother and seeing him improve, and also playing with my uncle in Illinois and hearing him say how much I have improved. The funny thing about progress that is a grind like disc golf is I don’t feel like I see my personal progress but other people do. I also have to say my first ace is something I will never forget. I was playing with a buddy from college on a moderately wooded course. Hole 1, right out of the car I step up with my Chris Dickerson Buzzz and just throw. I wasn’t trying to ace it, I was just trying to be smooth. When the disc hit the chains, I was too stunned to speak. My buddy and I stood there in amazement that it went in and didn’t move or talk for what felt like an eternity. I also have to say, throwing my first ever 900+ rated round during the first round of theTennessee State Disc Golf Championships on a course I was playing blind was also an incredible moment for me.

Some Random Personal Stuff

What do you do when you’re not playing disc golf?

When I am not playing disc golf, I am usually watching disc golf, traveling with my girlfriend, or taking our dog Nugget on a hike. 

What is your absolute favorite food (something you couldn’t live without)?

My absolute favorite food is Chicken and Dumplins!!

What’s your favorite fast-food restaurant?

My favorite fast food restaurant would have to be Chik-Fil-A. I love their salads!

What are some of your favorite movies of all time?

My favorite movies of all time are honestly all of the Star Wars movies. 

What are some of your favorite TV shows/series?

One of my favorite shows lately has been The Boys on Amazon Prime.

Do you have any pro or college sports teams you are fanatic about?

I am a die hard Vanderbilt Commodore fan (football, baseball, basketball) as well as a die hard Tennessee Titans fan.

In the Bag

What is the first disc golf disc that you ever owned?

It was a used, beat up Ricky Wysocki Destroyer.

What are some of your favorite discs that are in your bag right now?

Some of my favorite discs in the bag right now would have to be my Nuke, Mamba, Leopard3, Servo, Pure (I have about 20) and Zone!

What else is always in your bag other than discs?

Bug spray and LOTS of water! It gets hot and humid down here in Tennessee!!

Disc Golf Courses

Do you have a course that you consider your ‘home course’? Tell us about it.

The Bend at Highland in Jackson is a course that is newer, but my home course. It is a blast to play every time I get the chance to.

What are a few of your favorite disc golf courses to play?

Some of my favorite courses to play are wooded courses. In Tennessee, I have to go with J&B Rolling Hills South (shoutout to Aaron Dempton!) because it is a private course, but it is maintained better than some public courses. Cedar Hill in Nashville is another course that I try and play any time I get the chance to and in Illinois, I feel like Dellwood is a must. That course is an absolute gem. 

What is a dream disc golf course for you that you hope to play someday?

One of the courses I want to play the most is Northwoods Black in Peoria. It looks like it would be right up my alley since I enjoy wooded courses. 

Let’s Play Disc Golf

Do you have any pre-round or post-round rituals that you do when you play disc golf?

Pre-Round I try and get to the course an hour early to get stretched and warmed up and in between rounds I eat the same meal from McDonald’s – 2 Cheeseburgers with no onions and a Large Sweet Tea.

Do you drink, smoke, snack, or partake in anything else while playing disc golf? What’s your go-to?

My go to on the course is water. I try to drink at least a liter of water per 9 holes played when it is hot.

Are you just a casual disc golfer? Do you participate in any local leagues? Do you compete in disc golf tournaments?

I am a very competitive disc golfer. I love playing in tournaments, leagues and casually. Right now I am participating in the Hub City Weekly league (unsanctioned) and I just Joined the Paris (TN) Disc Golf league this past weekend. 

Do you have any tips for aspiring disc golfers?

Just get out there and throw. You’ll never get better at something you never tried to do.

Disc Golf Fun Stuff

Do you have any favorite professional disc golfers that you follow?

I really find myself rooting for a lot of Discraft players and players from Tennessee. Chris Dickerson is a favorite of mine, and some people say we look alike. Kristin Tattar is another favorite of mine because of her dominance and the way she plays the game. Her approach feels almost Bill Belicheck and Patriots in a way because of how methodical she is in her approach.

Do you have any disc golf goals that you are trying to achieve?

I want to be at least 900 rated within 2 years. I originally said get my first win, but I did that this past weekend so I had to change my goal!

Who do you typically play disc golf with?

If I am not playing in a tournament, then I am playing with my buddy Shawn or any of the local guys.

What would a perfect disc golf round look like for you?

A perfect disc golf round for me would be sunny and 75 degrees with very low humidity. If it is a tournament round, 18 down.

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