About Us

Running It™ Disc Golf is merely an internet portal where YOU get to be the hero of your own disc golf story! We are a community of disc golfers powered by a team concept, where we share our knowledge, experiences, and love of the game. In other words, Running It ™ Disc golf is…

A disc golf community and team experience for disc golfers at any skill level

The Co-Founders Disc Golf Story

Running It™ Disc Golf was co-founded and is run by a father/son duo – Matt and Ethan Stelter. We live in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and we are avid disc golfers.

Ethan with his Mint Discs Mustang – Matt with his MVP Relay

We picked up the sport of disc golf many years ago, completing our first full round on a real disc golf course when Ethan was probably about 6 years old. However, we weren’t ‘serious’ disc golfers back then. We only had a handful of discs that we shared, and we played maybe only 2 or 3 casual rounds per year.

Fast-forward to 2021, when we started to play more often. We began to learn form and technique (thanks, YouTube!), and slowly but surely, we were getting better at disc golf. We even started following the Disc Golf Pro Tour mostly on YouTube, and we even started to attend the event live when the tour comes to Michigan for DGLO. We caught the disc golf bug, as they say. We were 100% hooked!

Today, we play disc golf as often as possible. We usually get out and play at least 2 full rounds per weekend and sometimes a quick round or two during the week if possible. We got our PDGA numbers in the fall of 2022. We participate in leagues and tournaments, and we are having a blast meeting new people and getting to know the disc golf community in West Michigan.

About Matt Stelter

PDGA #230442

As somebody who got serious about disc golf starting in his mid 40’s – Matt is content with his skill level but is continuously trying to improve. If you find Matt at a tournament – he’ll likely be playing in the MA40 or MA3 division.

Matt’s 2023 Goal: to record more birdies than bogies for the entire year (he keeps track of all rounds on Udisc).

Matt spends his weekdays behind the wheel of a semi-truck – hauling freight for FedEx. Matt has a side-hustle background in internet marketing and blogging – which is where he picked up the skills to build out this awesome website dedicated entirely to his favorite hobby – disc golf!

Read Matt’s full Disc Golf Player Profile here…

About Ethan Stelter

PDGA #230439

Ethan is happy that he was able to pick up disc golf at a young age, and his skill level is quickly progressing as he continues to learn proper form and continuously works to improve his technique. If you run into Ethan at a tournament – he might be playing in the MA3 or MA2 division.

Ethan’s 2023 Goal: to get his PDGA rating up to 900 and maintain at least a 900 rating thereafter.

Ethan attends Northview High School, where he excels as a trumpet player in the band and is focusing his studies on doing something entrepreneurial after high school. Perhaps his entrepreneurial venture will include something related to disc golf (like helping serve the Running It™ Disc Golf community)!

Read Ethan’s full Disc Golf Player Profile here…

Why We Created Running It™ Disc Golf

Throughout our first 2 full years of trying to play ‘serious’ disc golf, we played a LOT of casual rounds. We played mostly just as a family (a second son, Eli, is also a disc golfer), and we thought we were having the times of our lives as we learned the sport of disc golf and kept trying to improve. Most of our interactions with other disc golfers were instances where we were letting quicker players pass us out on the course.

As we gained experience and higher skill levels, we decided to try a few tournaments. Then one day, we accidentally joined a winter league. We started to get to know (and become friends with) some of the people in our local disc golf community – and it was then that we realized the importance of community.

Disc Golf is Fun… But

Disc golf (just the sport) by itself is fun. It’s addicting. There’s a rush that you feel when you throw that perfect shot or hit that long putt. “There’s just something about disc golf…” as they say.

But… being a part of a disc golf community takes that fun and enjoyment to an entirely new level! Interacting with other disc golfers who share your love for the sport brings out an almost indescribable joy.

Joining a local disc golf community is great (and highly recommended). You might gain lifelong friends and develop meaningful connections. You’ll likely experience that almost indescribable joy.

We wanted to create a similar type of community in the online world. We decided to go with a team concept based on feedback from real disc golfers…

How to Join Team Running It™

We launched Team Running It™ in August 2023 based on wonderful feedback we received from disc golfers via a short 2-minute survey. The community and team experience is a continual work-in-progress, and we would love to get your feedback as well.

We value 2 minutes of your time to help us create a disc golf team experience like no other. Your input is very important. By submitting the survey, you will help shape our team experience, and you will be invited to join Team Running It™ today!

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