Jonathan Armstrong – Seneca, South Carolina

“Originally got introduced to the sport when it was known as Frisbee Golf. My parents introduced it to my brother and I when I was 10. In the area we lived in there were not baskets but rather there was Fence posts that were setup on a part of a campground/golf course.…”

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Meet [First Name] (PDGA #151126)

Tell us about yourself! How old are you? Where do you live? What do you do (work/school/etc.)?

I am 37 years old, currently live in Seneca, South Carolina but originally from San Luis Obispo & Santa Maria, CA. Currently I am between jobs right now however for the past 11 years have been working in the IT/Cyber Security industry. Most of the time I have spent supporting the Department. Of Defense but have spent a short
time in the Department of Energy with Duke Energy and a short period in the Airline industry working for American Airlines. I am done with school as I completed my Masters Degree in Information Technology with concentration in System Security Management from Colorado Technical University in 2021

Tell us about the most important people in your life! Who do you live with (family, friends, etc.)?

I live with my wife and 10 year old daughter and we own a 2 year old French Bulldog named Khloe. Since moving to South Carolina I made many friends on the disc golf course and have gotten plugged in to the local disc golf community.
Through that we have created the Greater Oconee Disc Golf Club. Originally I was an At Large member of the club but due to other circumstances the secretary stepped down and I stepped up to fill that role.

Do you have a nickname or just something else that you go by?

No nickname but you can me Jon or Jonathan.

Disc Golf Journey

How long have you been playing disc golf?

14 years but only the last 3 years have been competitive.

How did you get started with disc golf?

Originally got introduced to the sport when it was known as Frisbee Golf. My parents introduced it to my brother and I when I was 10. In the area we lived in there were not baskets but rather there was Fence posts that were setup on a part of a campground/golf course. There were only 9 posts and so it was just like golf but with the use of a frisbee. In 2009 is when I got back into the sport when it was redefined as disc golf. I have played many casual rounds over the years and been apart of a few different clubs( Slo Throwers, Santa Maria Kingpins and the Bear Roots) that was until I moved to South Carolina. Was a member of the Fayetteville Fort Brag Disc Golf Club (located in Fayetteville, NC) and the Upstate Disc Golf Club in South Carolina

Share some of your memorable disc golf moments…

So far the most memorable disc golf moments is when I made my first Ace and just the overall improvement that I have made over the past 3 years on my game. Strengthening my forehand, rediscovering my backhand and learning other
techniques such as the thumber, tomahawk.

Some Random Personal Stuff

What do you do when you’re not playing disc golf?

I enjoy the outdoors, photography, hanging out with friends and of course spending time with family, I also enjoy video games.

What is your absolute favorite food (something you couldn’t live without)?


What’s your favorite fast-food restaurant?

Hardee’s or Carls Jr depending on where you are in the US

What are some of your favorite movies of all time?

Die hard series, Transformers, Matrix, Star Wars

What are some of your favorite TV shows/series?

NCIS, CSI, Big Bang Theory, Friends

Do you have any pro or college sports teams you are fanatic about?

San Francisco 49ers

In the Bag

What is the first disc golf disc that you ever owned?

DX Innova Valkyrie

What are some of your favorite discs that are in your bag right now?

Hybrid X Captain Suspect, Westside Harp, Dynamic Discs Escape, Kristin Tattar Grand Grace, Dynamic Discs Sockibomb Slammer

What else is always in your bag other than discs?

Towels, Mini’s, Pencils, Sharpies, Pens, birdie bag

Disc Golf Courses

Do you have a course that you consider your ‘home course’? Tell us about it.

There are three: Shaver OG/Championship course and Sertoma in Walhalla, SC

What are a few of your favorite disc golf courses to play?

Shaver OG/Championship course and Sertoma

What is a dream disc golf course for you that you hope to play someday?

Rock Hill and the courses in Charlotte, NC

Let’s Play Disc Golf

Do you have any pre-round or post-round rituals that you do when you play disc golf?


Do you drink, smoke, snack, or partake in anything else while playing disc golf? What’s your go-to?

Ocassionally have a drink during club tag rounds or casual rounds. I typically drink an energy drink during the round and Gatorade.

Are you just a casual disc golfer? Do you participate in any local leagues? Do you compete in disc golf tournaments?

I participate in casual, club tag rounds, leagues, as well as A-C Tier tournaments.

Do you have any tips for aspiring disc golfers?

Take your time learning the basics of disc golf. Don’t sweat about not being good but just rather get out and play with friends and family and enjoy it. Over time you will develop your skills to become better disc golfer

Disc Golf Fun Stuff

Do you have any favorite professional disc golfers that you follow?

Zach Melton, Ricky Wysocki, Kristin Tattar

Do you have any disc golf goals that you are trying to achieve?

Trying to increase my rating all the time but trying to improve to where I achieve reaching the podium and move up divisions as I go.

Who do you typically play disc golf with?

Club Members, Friends and Family

What would a perfect disc golf round look like for you?

No bogies, No penalty strokes, having fun and if possible winning the card.

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