Winter League 2023/2024 Results

The first-ever Virtual Disc Golf League for members of Team Running It™ has concluded. Our Winter League ran from the middle of October 2023 and concluded mid-April 2024. Overall, the virtual league experience was fun in its own way. I’m calling it a success because it lasted the entire season and team members submitted scores every single week throughout late fall, the entire winter, and early spring.

Given that the Team Running It™ experience has only been available for less than a year, and this was our first attempt at a virtual league, I’m very optimistic for the future of the Virtual Disc Golf League experience for members of Team Running It™. Also, given that winter tends to be a more challenging time for disc golfers to get out and throw – I’m excited to see how the 2024 Summer League will turn out.

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Winter League by the Numbers

A total of 94 full rounds of disc golf were submitted by 28 different members of Team Running It™.

There were 26 weeks available to submit rounds for Winter League 2023/2024. To be eligible to win prizes, league participants needed to complete and submit at least 5 rounds in order to establish a fair handicap rating. Only 5 players submitted 5 rounds or more…

  • Matt S – 12
  • Ethan S – 12
  • Bill C – 12
  • George L – 10
  • Treya B – 8

8 players completed between 2 and 4 rounds. The rest of the players who participated submitted just one round during Winter League play.

Note: Team Running It™ members always have access to view the spreadsheet that we use to track weekly actual scores and weekly handicap scores.

Weekly Winners and Prize Payouts

The table below shows only the weeks that included players who completed 5 rounds or more. The winner for each week was determined by their handicap score (actual score minus handicap rating).

Note: Matt S and Ethan S competed, but are not collecting prizes as co-founders and co-owners or Running It™ Disc Golf.

1Matt SN/A
3Bill C$25Running It™ Disc Golf
4Matt SN/A
8Bill C$25Running It™ Disc Golf
9Bill C$25Running It™ Disc Golf
10Matt SN/A
11Bill C$25Running It™ Disc Golf
12Ethan SN/A
13Ethan SN/A
15Ethan SN/A
16Matt SN/A
17Matt SN/A
18Ethan SN/A
19Ethan SN/A
20George L$25Running It™ Disc Golf
21Ethan SN/A
22George L$25Running It™ Disc Golf
23George L$25Running It™ Disc Golf
24George L$25Running It™ Disc Golf
25Treya B$25Running It™ Disc Golf
26Treya B$25Running It™ Disc Golf

Prizes are being sent via email for each week’s winners.

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