Aaron “Maverick” Scott – Sterling, Illinois

“Some highlights I remember the most are, caddying for Jay Reading at a local event for the final round and watching him throw the course record from his bag. Getting my first ace ever and then throwing the disc into Lake Michigan two or three holes later that round. Playing a PDGA event with my 7 year old son and shooting a 1038 rated round in 2007. Going to Bowling Green Amateur Championships with some friends in 2006…”

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Meet Aaron “Maverick” Scott (PDGA #28438)

Tell us about yourself! How old are you? Where do you live? What do you do (work/school/etc.)?

I am a 46 year old Maintenance Electrician at the local steel mill here in town. 

Tell us about the most important people in your life! Who do you live with (family, friends, etc.)?

I live with my girlfriend, Grace, and my roommate, Brandon. 

Do you have a nickname or just something else that you go by?

I acquired my nickname because my ex wife also was named Erin. We got tired of both answering when our name was called and it just stuck.

Disc Golf Journey

How long have you been playing disc golf?

I first discovered disc golf in 1997. My college roommate and his friends took me out.

How did you get started with disc golf?

When we went the first time, I really felt intimidated by the guys I went with. They all had been playing for a while and I could not keep up with them at all. After the round I was ready to go home. They wanted to play another course on our way home. I didn’t really want to play but agreed to play. We did best shot doubles for this round at what would eventually become my home course, O’Hauser Park in Menasha, Wisconsin. During the round I threw a drive and parked the hole. Getting the birdie was enough for me to want to play more. Well, here I am 26 years later and I am still playing multiple times a week.

Share some of your memorable disc golf moments…

There are so many of the many years. I don’t know if I can fit all of them here. Some highlights I remember the most are, caddying for Jay Reading at a local event for the final round and watching him throw the course record from his bag. Getting my first ace ever and then throwing the disc into Lake Michigan two or three holes later that round. Playing a PDGA event with my 7 year old son and shooting a 1038 rated round in 2007. Going to Bowling Green Amateur Championships with some friends in 2006. I recommend going to a large scale event to every tournament player. The immense amount of people with the same hopes, dreams, and passion as you, at the same event, is like nothing else. The experience alone is worth the trip. And I will also have so many fond memories of the people I have met and made friends with over the years. More than anything else, it is the people in the disc golf community that keep me coming back to the course on a regular basis.

Some Random Personal Stuff

What do you do when you’re not playing disc golf?

Work, Eat, sleep…… is there really anything else in life? LOL

What is your absolute favorite food (something you couldn’t live without)?

It’s horrible, but I would not be able to live without sugar. I really live my life like a 450 lb. diabetic with only one leg.

What’s your favorite fast-food restaurant?

A midwestern classic, Culver’s.

What are some of your favorite movies of all time?

I love the LOTR trilogy as well as the Kill Bill movies. A few of my classic favorites are Krull and the original Dune movie. I cant wait for the release of part 2 of the new one as well. Also Dark Crystal. A timeless classic. Fun fact… when I got my first apartment by myself I had 2 VHS movies, the Packers winning the Super Bowl in ‘96 and Dark Crystal. I watched that movie so many times, I wore it out.

What are some of your favorite TV shows/series?

What we do in the Shadows, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Sweet Tooth

Do you have any pro or college sports teams you are fanatic about?

Chicago Cubs, Green Bay Packers, Wisconsin Badgers football, North Carolina basketball, Chicago Blackhawks

In the Bag

What is the first disc golf disc that you ever owned?

The first disc I ever owned was a #2 flyer.

What are some of your favorite discs that are in your bag right now?

My favorites atm are Moonshine Bear, ESP Nuke SS, VIP Destiny, TSA Pathfinder, Lat 64 Pure

What else is always in your bag other than discs?

2 Blue Jay feathers I found the last few rounds I have played, a couple towels, minis, pencils, a few bag tags from various clubs I am part of, bug soother, Whale Sac, something to drink and snack on. 

Disc Golf Courses

Do you have a course that you consider your ‘home course’? Tell us about it.

My home course is Sinnissippi Park in Sterling, IL. It is an old school park style course. It was built as a championship level course in 1982. It isn’t quite championship level any longer due to disc technology advances, but it has some longer holes over 400’. It still remains a relevant course 30+ years later. We just got Mach X baskets on the 27 holes this last year and are continually working on course improvements.

What are a few of your favorite disc golf courses to play?

I am very lucky to have destination courses within 2 hours in any direction. To the south I have Peoria. This is home to the Ledgestone Open and Northwoods Black, as well as many other really good courses. To the west I have the Quad Cities. Out that way is Camden 2 as well as West Lake and Snowstar courses. To the North is Rockford. At Anna Page Park, they have 3 different courses on 1 property, all with very different feels to them. And to the East we have the Canyons At Dellwood. This is the highest rated course in Illinois and one of the highest rated courses in the world.

What is a dream disc golf course for you that you hope to play someday?

I would love to play Maple Hill in Massachusetts as well as DeLaVega in California.

Let’s Play Disc Golf

Do you have any pre-round or post-round rituals that you do when you play disc golf?

I usually try to stretch out (cause I am an old fart) and do some putting to get my stroke honed in before the round.

Do you drink, smoke, snack, or partake in anything else while playing disc golf? What’s your go-to?

My go to is alkaline water and some sour gummy bears.

Are you just a casual disc golfer? Do you participate in any local leagues? Do you compete in disc golf tournaments?

Disc golf is a pretty major part of my life. With my job, I get one weekend off every three weeks, these are mostly filled with some sort of tournament in there somewhere. I also try to play leagues in my area at least one time if not 2 a week.

Do you have any tips for aspiring disc golfers?

Two things:

  1. Learn how to throw a mid range flat. This shot will help shave scores off faster than you believe. Once you can control a mid range, you will have the ability to throw any line you want with angle control
  2. Practice your putting.  Making those putts from 15’ will keep you at the top of the leaderboard in lower divisions.

Disc Golf Fun Stuff

Do you have any favorite professional disc golfers that you follow?

I have really starting liking Jakub Semerad this year. I am also really enjoying Scott Stokley’s adventures outside the US this yer.

Do you have any disc golf goals that you are trying to achieve?

I currently have 2 goals at this time. I am doing a putting practice regime for 100 days. By the end I would like to see my average score to be at 88. I am currently at 74-76 average. My other goal is to play above my rating for the events that I play for the rest of the year.

Who do you typically play disc golf with?

All my local players if they are out when I am there, I am not picky on who I play with as long as they like to laugh during the round.

What would a perfect disc golf round look like for you?

A perfect round of disc golf would look like one where I hit my lines off the tee box and make most of my putts. One where everyone on my card is smiling and at the end we all agree that we have to do it again soon.

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