Mint Discs: A Texas-Based Disc Golf Pioneer

In the sprawling heart of Texas, a disc golf revolution was born in 2015. Mint Discs, a homegrown disc golf manufacturer based in Austin, emerged from two years of dedicated development and research. With the launch of their inaugural disc, the Alpha, in 2017, Mint Discs etched its name into the vibrant tapestry of the disc golf world.

What sets Mint Discs apart isn’t just their discs; it’s their unwavering commitment to detail and a genuine passion for the sport. From the introduction of a unique Serial # system to their dedication to providing a canvas for quality artwork on their discs, Mint Discs strives to elevate every good idea into a great one. Their story isn’t just about discs; it’s about community, innovation, and fostering lasting relationships.

Currently, Mint Discs focuses on disc production and nurturing the local disc golf community. Their goal is to weave the narrative of MINT into the very fabric of the sport, ushering in more growth for disc golf enthusiasts in the Texas region and beyond. Join us as we delve into the journey and aspirations of this Texas-based disc golf pioneer.

Mason Ford – In the Bag 2023

Video Credit: Mason Ford – In the Bag 2023 via Mint Discs

Mason Ford recently (early 2023) announced that he signed a two-year contract with Mint Discs, a Texas-based disc golf company, making him one of their sponsored players. Mason’s decision to sign with Mint Discs is based on his longstanding connection with the company since they released their first mold in 2017. He mentioned that many of the team members and the owners of Mint Discs, Zach and Guy, are people he has known since he started playing disc golf in Texas. Mason appreciates the company’s close-knit and supportive community, which makes him feel at home and motivated as a player. His desire to be the face of a smaller company and the additional motivation it provides played a significant role in his decision to join Mint Discs.

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